Pressure washing services Toronto

What we clean:

  • Sidewalks
  • Store Fronts
  • Building Exterior
  • Parking Lots
  • Awnings

What we do

  • Gum removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Oil and grease

Pressure washing

We know how quickly and easily your building’s parking lot can become dirty. Plus add harsh winter and soon the floors will deteriorate with the amount of salt cars bringing in.

Don’t clean your garage for a year and you will start getting the complaints from residents that how dirty it is. One can easily breeze the dust just by walking from the car to the elevator.

In order to get rid of all the dirt and reduce the cost of repairs the parking lot needs a full power wash

The main objective of the pressure washing the parking lot is to remove the salt build up, to clean the floors from dust and dirt and get rid of the oil stains

How we do it:
  • Send crew of qualified staff for days needed
  • We use gas detection monitors
  • Use mobile sweeper truck to sweep entire underground
  • Treat oil spots (excessive amounts may incur extra charges)
  • Use high grade industrial pressure washing units to clean underground parking lot
Power sweeping
This is the necessary step before power washing the garage floors. Our ride on sweepers will pick up and collect the dirt, carbon dust, rocks etc so all this loose dirt won’t end up in your drains and clog it. Our crews will also manually sweep all the corners and hard to reach areas to ensure a complete cleaning.
Power scrubbing
We use this option when power wash is not possible (clogged drain or no drain access, after flood etc.). We will remove dirt and stains using mobile scrubbers. This procedure eliminates the risk of leaking and standing water. After scrubbing the floors are ready to use immediately.

Please not that not all floor types are qualified for this service.

Pipe Dusting and Wall washing
Over period of time you pipes and walls contain lots of dust and dirt build up. We have seen this part of the garage is neglected in many buildings especially in the new ones. Keeping it clean will reduce the future upkeep costs.

We are equipped with the proper tools to dust your underground pipes. We are able to reach event the hard to reach areas to get the job done. With your request we can power wash the your walls as well.

We recommend this service to be performed at least every other year.

Drain, Catch basin and Sump pit cleaning
The main purpose of the drains and catch basins is to collect excess rain and ground water to prevent it from flooding. Catch basin is a part of the sewer system that traps dirt and debris so it cannot enter the drainage pipes.

So how it works: water goes down the drain that is located in each parking level except the lowest level. From drains it goes to catch basins that are located in the lowest level of the building. From there it collects into the storm sump pits and from there it goes to the sewer system.

Catch basins and drains easily can be clogged due to accumulated debris (sand, leaves, rock, dirt, salt) that causes the flooding in the basement. Also if not cleaned salt can rust the drainpipes.

The same applies to sump pits. If maintained and cleaned regularly it will last you longer and the building can avoid the costly maintenance down the road.

So how we do it:

We use low profile vacuum trucks equipped with pressure washers that can fit into most of the underground garages. For regular maintenance or drain blockage we thoroughly flush the drains using the high-pressure jet. All the water will end up in the catch basins.

Then we vacuum all the water, dirt, sludge from the catch basins and sump pits. If there’s heavy dirt build up and blockage we will blast away sand and debris from the catch basins. With this service your drainage system will function properly.

We recommend this service at least once a year to keep your drain system problem free.

Line Painting
Over the period of time your parking lines get erased and need to be repainted again. We recommend this service to be performed after spring power wash.

We offer parking lot painting services. Either its for a new building or your need to remark the existing parking spots we can perform this service using DOT quality paint.

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