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Brief description of the kitchen.

Let’s assume that you have a regular restaurant kitchen about 1000-1500 sq foot with commercial convection oven, stove top burner, grill top, a hood, walk in cooler/freezer.

You will need 4-6 people to clean the restaurant overnight or for a full day if you performing a one-time cleaning or 3-5 hours if it’s done on daily basis.

After you bring in all your equipment and chemicals, you set up your work area, everybody put on working cloth and nonslip shoes. You will need to have gloves, masks and eye protective glasses.

Please not that depending how dirty the area you will use degreaser or “Easy Off”. The last one is very strong and should be applied to remove tough build ups. Easy off can be used on ovens, stoves, grills and stainless steel but not on the regular walls or places it can damage. Also you can scrape the dirt/grease before applying the chemicals when there’s a substantial build up. Always test the chemical on small areas when you are not sure.

First you always have to start with equipment that has removable parts to be cleaned.

For oven – racks, for stove – burner tops and burners, for hood – filters and grills from grill top. You also have bottom trays for grill and stove but its better to leave them in place since all the dirt will fall in there and will remove them after cleaning the body of the equipment.

We place all these parts in the sinks fill them with hot water and add some degreaser where they have to stay at least for an hour.

Always start from top to bottom.

Hood: If the hood is being maintained regularly then spray it with degreaser and give it 5-10 min to penetrate. Depending on the “dirtiness” use either stainless steel mesh or heavy duty sponge to clean inside of the hood. Again don’t forget to wear mask and protection glasses while cleaning the hood. At the end make sure to wipe the cleaned area with clean rug. its recommended to have the hood suction on while performing the cleaning

Stove top burners: Stoves usually get grease/food filled inside panels and bottom trays of stove. You can use a scraper or wire scratch brush to remove most of the dirt. Then apply chemical and use stainless steel mesh to clean. After this process you can remove the trays and put them back after emptying and cleaning.

Small hint: Use aluminum foil to cover your trays so it will be easy to clean them in the future.

Commercial Convection Oven: Since it gets dirty quickly its recommended to use “Easy Off” in ovens. Spray doors and interior and give 10-15 min for chemical to penetrate. You can use stainless steel wire mesh to clean only doors and glass of the oven, while inside it can damage the interior paint. Use heavy duty sponge to scrub interior. Again after scrubbing use rags to clean and rinse few times.

Grill Top Ovens: Again leave the trays in place while cleaning the perimeters of the oven, use narrow scraper after applying the chemical to clean the frond flush area and remove the trays for cleaning

Walk in Cooler and Walls: Spray chemicals on the wall surfaces and use heavy duty sponges to clean the area the wipe thoroughly. Don’t miss fans in the cooler since they get good build ups of dirt.

Floors: It’s good to have a floor scrubbing machine and grout brush in your arsenal since in some cases you will need to clean the grout build up on the floor. After applying the chemical floor scrubber with the brush head can do most of the work. In some areas you might need to use grout brush and/or heavy duty scraper under the equipment.

Removed Parts from Equipment: An hour later you can have a person or two to start cleaning the parts that stayed in the hot water. To clean them you will need wire brush and stainless steel mesh. Apply “Easy Off” if the above process didn’t help.

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